Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Inaugural Session - Jinnah Auditorium

Time:1430-1630 hours

Welcome Remarks

Mr. Amer Hashmi, Advisor NUST & President NUST GTTN

Mr. Li Yansong, Vice president of Peking University

Keynote Addresses
  • Lieutenant General (R) Muhammad Asghar, Rector NUST
  • Prof. Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of Peking University Council
  • Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairperson, HEC Pakistan
  • Amb. Sun Weidong , Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan
  • H.E. Mamnoon Hussain, President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Book Launch

China and Pakistan, Friends In Deed

Plenary Session 1 - Jinnah Auditorium

Time:1715-1900 hours

Topic :

China and Pakistan in the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind

Co-Chairs :

Mr. Humayun Gauhar, Senior Fellow – NUST GTTN

Prof. Wu Changqi, Professor– Guanghua School of Management, PKU

Speakers :

Dr. Akram Sheikh, Professor Emeritus, NUST

Prof. Chang Hsin-Kang, Honorary Professor, PKU

Dr. Atta-ur- Rahman, Distinguished Senior Fellow, NUST GTTN : Transitioning to a Knowledge Economy: Partnering with China

Discussants :

Mr. Lu Shulin, Former Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan

Prof. Tang Mengsheng, Director of Center for Pakistan Studies, PKU

Dr. Rifaat Hussain, HoD Government and Public Policy, NUST

Mr. Ali Shah, Head of Research - NUST GTTN

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Plenary Session 2 - Jinnah Auditorium

Time:0930-1115 hours

Topic :

Silk Route and Linkage with CPEC

Chairs :

Lieutenant General (R) Muhammad Asghar, Rector NUST

Prof. Cheng Manli, Director of The National Institute of Strategic Communication (NISC), PKU

Speakers :

Vice Admiral Khan Hasham Bin Siddique, Vice Chief of Naval Staff

Prof. Jia Qingguo, Dean of School of International Studies, PKU

Discussants :

Prof. Chen Jidong, Director of Center for Pakistan Studies, Sichuan University

Mr. Amer Zafar Durrani, CEO and Managing Director Reenergia

Mr. An Qiguang, Former Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Pakistan

Plenary Session 3 - Jinnah Auditorium

Time:1145-1345 hours

Topic :

CPEC – New Era of Transformation

Chairperson :

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairperson, HEC Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Hu Angang, Demographics of China

, including the Decreasing Demographic Bonus and also Chinese's Talents' Advantages

Prof. Jin Li, Professor of Guanghua School of Management, PKU

Financial Support to Chinese Enterprise Overseas Strategy

Dr. Gulfraz Ahmed, Former Secretary Petroleum

Energy Security for Pakistan: A Comprehensive Look

Dr. Herbert Chen, Executive Vice President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

Development of STPs, Industrial and Knowledge Parks

Panel Sessions - Nust Business School

Time:1430-1615 hours

Panel Session 1

NBS Seminar Hall

Theme : Infrastructure & Logistics

Chair :

Major General Muhammad Afzal

Mr. Amer Zafar Durrani

Creation of Smart Cities and SEZ’s along CPEC

Prof. Chen Dongmin

University Role in Nation’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Capacity Development

Prof. Rai Waqas Azfar Khan

Transportation, Infrastructure and Logistics to support CPEC

Panel Session 2

NBS Lecture Hall 1

Theme: Energy

Chair :

Prof. Cheng Manli

Dr. Parvez Butt

Nuclear Energy: Recipe for Rapid Socio-Economic Development

Prof. Zha Daojiong

Energy Access: Logic in Renewable Energy Development

Engr. Suleman Najib Khan

Prospects of Building Multiple Dams on Indus River

Panel Session 3

NBS Lecture Hall 2

Theme: Human Resource

Chair :

Prof. Yuan Jianmin

Mr. Almas Hyder

Development of Human Capital and Technological Capabilities in Pakistan to Benefit from the CPEC

Dr. Ghulam Ali

Mr. K. Ahsan Elahi

Improving Governance in Pakistan to Maximize Benefits from CPEC

Time:1650-1835 hours

Panel Session 4

NBS Seminar Hall

Theme: Economy

Chair :

Prof. Zheng Xiaoying

Dr. Salman Shah

Economic strategy for holistic & efficient development of CPEC.

Prof. Wu Changqi

Development of Overseas Industrial zones of Economic Cooperation: China’s Experiences

Dr. Shahid Mahmud

Role of private sector in accelerating growth under CPEC

Panel Session 5

NBS Lecture Hall 1

Theme: Regional Connectivity

Chair :

Mr. Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari

Prof. Yang Honggui

Advantages and prospects of Sichuan to participate in CPEC

Mr. Saquib H. Sherazi

CPEC: A driving force for regional convergence

Prof. Liu Zongyi

The construction of CPEC: development, challenge and strategy

Panel Session 6

NBS Lecture Hall 2

Theme: Peaceful Development

Chair :

Brig (R) Mujahid Alam

Mr. Xin Benjian

Six pressing issues to be addressed in CPEC and countermeasures

Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan

China 2030

Prof. Xie Xuanli

Local Adaptation or Global Integration? A Multi-Stage Model of Network Embeddedness of Chinese MNCs’ Overseas Subsidiaries

Thursday , 26 May 2016

Panel Session 7

NBS Seminar Hall

Theme: Pak-China Relation

Chair :

Lt Gen (R) Masood Aslam

Dr. Vladimir P. Kozin

Forging the Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind: Role of Russia

Ambassador Syed Hasan Javed

65 Years of China – Pakistan diplomatic relations: A recollection

Prof. Qian Xuemei

Some thoughts on the structural IR challenges facing CPEC

Prof. Han Hua

China’s foreign policy in South Asia and China-Pakistan relations

Panel Session 8

NBS Lecture Hall 1

Theme: Demographics

Chair :

Dr. Attiya Inayatullah

Dr. Zeba A. Sathar

Learning from Chinese experience of maximizing its demographic dividend

Prof. Zheng Xiaoying

The role of demography in social development

Panel Session 9

NBS Lecture Hall 2

Theme: Security

Chair :

Brig (R) Agha Ahmad Gul

Maj Gen (R) Muhammad Shahid

Security challenges of CPEC

Prof. Pan Zheng

Constructing cultural and social harmony in China and Pakistan

Dr. M. Shoaib Suddle

Ensuring CPEC security: Threats and comprehensive solutions

Time:1145-1330 hours

Panel Session 10

NBS Seminar Hall

Theme: Culture

Chair :

Prof. Zhai Kun

Dr. Uxi Mufti

Cultural Dimension of Development

Prof. Qi Dongfang

Culture’s gifts – heritages on ancient silk road

Ms. Feryal Ali Gauhar

Dialogue Among Civilizations

Prof. Chen Ling

The China-Pakistan route on silk road and its effects

Prof. Li Chongfeng

From Gandhara to Pingcheng

Panel Session 11

NBS Lecture Hall 1

Theme: Civilizations

Chair :

Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Qaadri

Prof. Fan Jingjing

A Singing donkey: The origin of an Urdu tale and its transmission in ancient Asia

Prof. Duan Qing

Multi-civilizations under the sand

Prof. Zhang Jiamei

The effect on Cultural Heterogeneity on cooperation and mutual trust

Prof. Zhang Yabin

Media’s effect on China-Pakistan’s common prosperity

Mr. Zamir Ahmed Awan

Time : 1445 - 1630 hours

Closing Session

Jinnah Auditorium

Concluding Thoughts
  • Mr. Amer Hashmi, Advisor NUST and President NUST GTTN
  • Dr. Li Yansong, Vice President PKU
  • Amb Masood Khalid, Ambassador of Pakistan to China
Chief Guest Remarks
  • Professor Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform
Vote of Thanks
  • Prof. Geng Yan, Chair of Silk Road Culture Development Association
  • Lieutenant General (R) Muhammad Asghar Rector NUST