The Beijing Forum, established in 2004, is an annual event organized by Beijing Municipal Government and co-sponsored by Peking University under the auspices of the State Council and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Since the inception of Beijing Forum, its overarching theme, “The Harmony of Civilization and Prosperity for All” has been attracting eminent scholars, noted intellectuals, leading, statesmen, politicians, and diplomats from around the world. Beijing Forum aims to promote the study of the humanities and social sciences as well as provide assistance in international academic exchanges for encouraging social development in Asia, harmony between societies, and greater prosperity for all of mankind.

Beijing Forum is founded upon the idea of open, deep, and impartial collective investigation of common problems, common challenges, and common opportunities for common development that produces symmetry and convergence amongst different economies, cultures, societies, and peoples of the world. Dedicated to harnessing the finest values of human civilization for contemporary and future progress,

Beijing Forum encourages a multidisciplinary and many-sided approach to collective discussions. This year the Beijing Forum, in collaboration with the National University of Sciences and Technology, is coming to Islamabad, Pakistan, to mark the inauguration of its first overseas chapter. Under the overarching theme, the main theme of Beijing Forum–Islamabad will be “China and Pakistan in the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind”.

Beijing Forum – Islamabad will focus on the ability of multidimensional China-Pakistan cooperation and partnership to maximize regional and global development, will utilize insights generated during various rigorous and interactive discussion sessions as comprehensive policy inputs for decision-making in China and Pakistan, and will conceive of ways in which global policy agenda can be redesigned to prioritize and practice in a single-minded manner ecologically conscious inclusive development of all the peoples of the world. In this spirit, Beijing Forum – Islamabad will continue to foster local, bilateral, intra-regional, inter-regional, and global knowledge-based collaborations.


24 MAY 2016

Day 1

Time Item Location
1230 hours Registration Jinnah Auditorium
1430-1630 hours Inaugural Session Jinnah Auditorium
1630-1700 hours Refreshment Break Jinnah Auditorium Dining Hall
1715-1900 hours Plenary Session 1 Jinnah Auditorium

25 MAY 2016

Day 2

Time Item Location
0930-1115 hours Plenary session 2 Jinnah Auditorium
1115-1145 hours Refreshment Break Jinnah Auditorium Dining Hall
1145-1345 hours Plenary session 3 Jinnah Auditorium
1345-1420 hours Lunch Break Jinnah Auditorium Dining Hall
1430-1615 hours Panel sessions 1,2,3 NUST BUSINESS SCHOOL (NBS)
1615-1650 hours Refreshment Break NBS
1650-1835 hours Panel sessions 4,5,6 NBS

26 MAY 2016

Day 3

Time Item Location
0930-1115 hours Panel Session 7,8,9 NBS
1115-1145 hours Refreshment Break NBS
1145-1330 hours Panel Session 10, 11 NBS
1330-1415 hours Lunch Break Jinnah Auditorium Dining Hall
1445-1630 hours Closing Session Jinnah Auditorium

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